Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tom's Vandal?

just peeped this bmx edit from TCU, looks like Tom is on that Vandal already (short clip at the start)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fellow Cyclist Killed

Very rarely do we hear about bicycle accidents and even more rare when its someone we know. Just recently on the past Around the Island ride on Friday night a fellow fixed gear rider was involved in a hit and run. It is very disheartening to hear about this happening as this year has been the all time high in bicycle deaths in Hawaii. More info can be found here: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/112126494.html

Let Hawaii know, keep the roads safe!
RIP Zach

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mixtape Monday.

Cylinder Slider

goofing around on campus.
photos by Matt. L

Rollin Planes with Wiz

Not that I need any advice on how to roll a Taylor'd Plane but for all you heads out there that still smoke blunts. Take notes from none other than mr blow it by the "O" himself.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Diggin up old clips

I was in this edit a couple months ago for a friend in cinematography class who wanted to feature fixed gear. Nothing to special, just enjoying the fall in Hawaii.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Piff check

Got some really tasty Bubba Kush the other day, along with some super sticky white widdow hash.
This combo in the bubbler Has thee most unreal flavor!  The taste is super sweet at fisrt from the bubba then as soon as the flame starts melting that widdow hash its like a razor blade to the throat.(in a good way)
The high is super heady and creative and totally makes me wanna get on my bike... seeya!


I pulled this article from NaturalNews.com 

(NaturalNews) Marijuana prohibition is the cornerstone of the U.S. police state. It gives cops a reason to search vehicles and keeps DEA employees on the payroll while filling the prisons with literally millions of people who have harmed no one except themselves. 

Country singer superstar Willie Nelson is the latest victim of this police state marijuana prohibition. His vehicle was stopped at animmigration checkpoint (yes, immigration) in Sierra Blanca, Texas, where an officer claimed he smelled pot. A search of the vehicle turned up six ounces of marijuana for which Willie Nelson was arrested along with two other people.

For the record, Willie Nelson is 77 years old. The whole point of arresting people and sending them to prison is to isolate violent, dangerous people from the rest of the public in order to protect public safety. Does anybody seriously believe that Willie Nelson is a threat to public safety? He's practically the most harmless guy on the planet.

Immigration checkpoints used against U.S. citizens

The other important point here is that all this took place at an immigration checkpoint. This is supposed to be a place where U.S. officials look for vehicles full of people illegally entering the United States from Mexico. Did Willie Nelson look like an illegal alien? Of course not. He's obviously a U.S. citizen (and a well-known celebrity on top of that), yet that didn't stop this immigration checkpoint officer from searching his vehicle.

You see, there's something that all the people who support tighter illegal immigration fences, walls and checkpoints haven't yet realized: All that security is going to be used against YOU, too! Border Patrol officers and U.S. feds aren't just looking for illegal aliens, you see: They're also looking to arrest people who are obviously U.S. citizens -- and they will arrest you for things that have nothing to do with immigration.

Are you carrying some fertilizer in your truck? Ah, now you're a terrorist with "bomb making materials." Have some duct tape in your vehicle? Now you have materials that can be used "to bind the hands of kidnapping victims." And if you're smoking a joint, God forbid, now you're going to be hauled off to jail by these immigration checkpoint officers who apparently have nothing important to do.

Why marijuana prohibition makes no sense

For the record, I'm not a marijuana smoker, and I would never encourage any individual to take up such a habit unless they had a legitimate medical need for pain relief. However, I am totally against the continued persecution of individuals who buy, possess or consume this medicinal herb. They harm no one but themselves, and smoking marijuana produces side effects that are far milder than drinking alcohol.

In fact, in America today it's perfectly legal to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and even drug your own kids with "speed" in the form of prescription amphetamines for ADHD. And yet marijuana -- which makes people feel lazy and hungry -- remains illegal. You have to wonder: Why?

Why is marijuana criminalized in America? The answer is simply that marijuana prohibition is the cornerstone of the American police state. Keeping this herb illegal keeps millions of people employed in law enforcement who otherwise wouldn't have jobs. It keeps the prison industry strong and gives cops a reason to search vehicles.

It even gives law enforcement officers yet another excuse to hold "terrorism drills." Seriously: A recent terrorism drill in Northern California imagined pot heads taking over Shasta Dam and blowing up vehicles (http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle...). These cops must have a lot of free time on their hands to dream up these wild (and highly improbable) scenarios. But keeping marijuana criminalized allows them to spend more taxpayer moneyrunning these useless drills that, after all, keep them all well paid.

At the same time, it causes billions of dollars a year to flow into the underground black market economy -- money that would otherwise be used to raise tax revenues for states. (http://stopthedrugwar.org/speakeasy...)

The "War on Drugs" has been a complete and utter failure (http://drugpolicy.org/drugwar/). It's also a huge waste of law enforcement resources. I'd much rather see cops going afterreal criminals like the CEOs and executives of drug companies, Monsanto and Wall Street banksters.

Legalizing and taxing marijuana would end the illegal drug trafficking in marijuana and deny revenues to drug gangs and drug dealers. It would raise billions of dollars for states and eliminate the huge costs of incarcerating marijuana "criminals." It would free up resources throughout the court system and give cops the time to go after violent criminals such as murderers and rapists.

And it would end this moronic system that arrests a harmless 77-year-old country western singer for marijuana possession at an immigration checkpoint.

Yo i peep NatrualNews on the daily cuz Mike the health ranger always keeps it onehundred.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pink Friday on Tuesday


Alotta of edits out these days, I promise to only  post or repost (haha) the good ones.

JDM Steez
I guess It kinda makes sense that if there cars are faster there tricks are too?

Def one of my fav riders in the game. so smooth and mad tech.
I had the pleasure of meeting Antonyo in NewYork last summer, dude rips harder than most and is a very humble shredder.

TREATED from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

Josh Boothby
This guys been onsmash for a minute. nuff said.

Last but definitely not least is  Matt spencers Autumn Edit.
I also met Matt in NY last summer for the BFF, we both ended  up staying at the same hostel in Brooklyn. Dudes mad cool and they dont call him silky for nothing.nohomo
From the riding to the editing errythangs on point with this joint.

Matt Spencer Autumn Edit from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

mini bikes video

my homie made a video of our first run down tantalus on our mini bikes check it out.
it was so fun and sketchy I cant wait to do again! that is after I make some minor adjustments to my bike.

MiniBikeBomb.TantaEDT. from Mackenzie Yoshida on Vimeo.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Mixtape Monday.

I know Mondays suck so heres some jams for the week enjoy.

first up some new Wiz, well not all new cuz I heard a bunch of these tracks on the half baked tape but still a couple new joints for you hardcore Taylors.
Next up Drizzy. I havent even listen to this one yet.
And Lastly don't think I forgot my Smokers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lil bikes

My homie Mackdizz that skates downhill turned me onto these a few months ago I just recently built my own version of one and they are so fun! and the bike was completely free!! This is his bike, I'll post pics of mine soon.

video bumbai...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brymo's Nem Pro Bike Check


Frame: 46cm Nemesis Project Supertherm
Fork: Black Market Tech 9 26"
Stem: Subrosa Hold On
Bars: Break Brake 17
Seat: MacNeil Fat Capital
Cranks: Profile 160mm
Sprocket: Tree Lite 30t
F Hub: Odyssey Vandero 2
R Hub: All-City Sheriff 13t
F/R Rim: MTX 33 26"
F/R Tire: 2.0" Serfas Drifter
Straps: Ynot
Other: Odi grips, Shadow Conspiracy Chain/Pedals

Brymo's back up and riding after his wheels were stolen recently. Hope to see some riding from this guy in the near future.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Posi POV

I dont  know who this guy is prolly cuz I dont follow skateboarding. But as I was browsing the come up the other day I stumbled upon this video, the reason why I'm posting it is I'm diggin his positive outlook on branching out into other sports because there fun.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Grime two hitter

Get lit on this new edit from the Grime homies Mike and Ed.


If you still ain't catch a contact watching that 1st one peep this one from last week.


Grime crew is mad gully and always gets me hyped to ride.
Now when are you guys gonna come out to Hawaii to shred and blaze!?

ride high.

i'm really not supposed to be riding right now, but oh well.

Organic Sour Diesel

super tastys.

Blow it by the O

Mixtape Monday 90's edition.

Yo this is my shit. i'm 26 and I grew up on this music.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pexe 2010

Pexe...2010 from KubajZ on Vimeo.

Fast and Techy, really diggin the clean hopbars

Huey Newton

New cut from wiz and spitta.
Huey Newton roll a plane & take flight before you download.

My new whip.

I recently got my Mordecai  and have only got to ride it prolly about a week before I severed a tendon in my finger. This bike is really nice i love the way it rides, One of the first things I noticed once it was all built up was that it was way lighter than my last frame, and at almost half the cost! thats a big cheehee for us non sponsored riders because I've spent waay too much money on these bikes in the last year.

I  also wanted to max out my tire size so I could get the most kushion when I land. My lbs only had 2.0 serfas drifters for like 35$ a tire.  I already had those and wanted to try something bigger and cheaper this time around.  After searching and searching I realized i had a ton 26' tires right underneath my house from my girls old beach cruiser. I went to peep the size on the cruiser tires and to my suprise they were 2.125's
sweet!  After I put my tires on I couldnt resist riding, even though my fingers still fucked. It feels great now with bigg ass tires and I cant wait to heal up and rush all these spot I've been eyeing out for months now.

51cm frame 
160 profile cranks
flybikes stem
Atomlab Jesme bars
Animal Pedals/BB
tree sprock30x15
Madera kevlar seat 
DMR trailblade (shaved)
26mtx 33's to profile3/8's 

"I like my bike just like my piff... light green & mean with a lil bit of purple and hella Kushy yaaa diggg?"

Monday, November 8, 2010


Peep the new Thunderkill fall/winter line.  Shit is fresh. I'm really diggin the Hat.
Charles is the homie, I met him last summer in NY when we were all up there for the BFF.
Heres a photo i snagged of him and congo in Manhattan.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Parts


got in some goodies from Danscomp today

Dat new cudi

Dat new cudi
Downloaded this jawn a couple days ago and forgot to burn it onto a disc till today. I havent listened to whole thing yet cuz I cant seem to get past track 5.
"pretty greeen bud all in my bloood.....ohhhh I neeed it."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Steezy edit featuring riders such as Alexey Sinayko and Ilya Fedotov

VVC FORCE 09 from Paul Chupakabura on Vimeo.

Seen @ vvcforce.com

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prop 19 Dies

I was kinda bummed to hear that prop 19 got shut down the other day. Even though I don't live in cali I was still hopeful for the west coast.

California voters rejected Proposition 19, the initiative that would legalize small amounts of recreational marijuana use statewide.
Fourteen years after approving marijuana for medical purposes, the state’s voters refused to make it legal for anyone 21 or older to grow, possess and use small amounts of pot. Possession would have been limited to less than an ounce, and cultivation to 25 square feet of private land, but marijuana would have remained illegal under federal law.

Oh well prop 19 or no prop19 you know your boy...

wiz khalifa kush & OJ


I aint gonna front I wasnt a big gucci fan 6 months ago,shits been kinda growing on me lately in a bad way.haha anyways this is my fav cut off the new album.

RIP All-city

I purchased an all city dropout about  6 months ago after I ended up breaking my Airwalk frame. This frame is ok, its not very 26' friendly (had to find out the hard way). kinda heavy :( and a bit pricey if you ask me. I really kinda just rushed into that purchase cuz i needed a frame for my trip to NY last summer.  Dont get me wrong I really kinda liked the dropout, but i think it just needs some tweaks. bigger tire clearance mid bb and lose the built in chain tensioners...yuck.  Things are changing at a rapid pace as far as bike geo and wheel size preference goes. I ended up bending the frame possibly because i crimped the shit out of it tryna fit 2.0's in da back.

  heres a couple clips I got onit before it got bent outta shape.

PedalPiff. from chuck reynolds on Vimeo.