Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My new whip.

I recently got my Mordecai  and have only got to ride it prolly about a week before I severed a tendon in my finger. This bike is really nice i love the way it rides, One of the first things I noticed once it was all built up was that it was way lighter than my last frame, and at almost half the cost! thats a big cheehee for us non sponsored riders because I've spent waay too much money on these bikes in the last year.

I  also wanted to max out my tire size so I could get the most kushion when I land. My lbs only had 2.0 serfas drifters for like 35$ a tire.  I already had those and wanted to try something bigger and cheaper this time around.  After searching and searching I realized i had a ton 26' tires right underneath my house from my girls old beach cruiser. I went to peep the size on the cruiser tires and to my suprise they were 2.125's
sweet!  After I put my tires on I couldnt resist riding, even though my fingers still fucked. It feels great now with bigg ass tires and I cant wait to heal up and rush all these spot I've been eyeing out for months now.

51cm frame 
160 profile cranks
flybikes stem
Atomlab Jesme bars
Animal Pedals/BB
tree sprock30x15
Madera kevlar seat 
DMR trailblade (shaved)
26mtx 33's to profile3/8's 

"I like my bike just like my piff... light green & mean with a lil bit of purple and hella Kushy yaaa diggg?"

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