Thursday, November 4, 2010

RIP All-city

I purchased an all city dropout about  6 months ago after I ended up breaking my Airwalk frame. This frame is ok, its not very 26' friendly (had to find out the hard way). kinda heavy :( and a bit pricey if you ask me. I really kinda just rushed into that purchase cuz i needed a frame for my trip to NY last summer.  Dont get me wrong I really kinda liked the dropout, but i think it just needs some tweaks. bigger tire clearance mid bb and lose the built in chain tensioners...yuck.  Things are changing at a rapid pace as far as bike geo and wheel size preference goes. I ended up bending the frame possibly because i crimped the shit out of it tryna fit 2.0's in da back.

  heres a couple clips I got onit before it got bent outta shape.

PedalPiff. from chuck reynolds on Vimeo.

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